Headis In 2017 football is king. It's by far the biggest sport on the planet, and possibly the universe... as we know it. Being a football ace is the dream of most school children around the world but now things are changing slightly. Even if you can't make it to the highest level these days having some insane skills to showcase can get you noticed, and paid. The internet is full of clips of whizzkids displaying mind blowing technical wizardry, or "tekkers" as it's known, and some of the things the best exponents can do with a football are truly extraordinary. Segways into the beautiful game now include breaking it down to individual parts like dribbling to beat an opponent, ball juggling, o

Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun

Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun I sometimes wonder what percentage of people truly enjoy their work and why? And of those that love going to work, what is it about the workplace that gives you that, ‘Yes!’ feeling? Do the people you work with make the place what it is, or is it the work itself? Maybe you’re just happy to get out of the house? From my perspective, I like going to work. I get up in the morning, have something to eat, play with the kid, do the odd chore left over from the night before, then I’m happy. Because it’s then that I’m literally out the door and on my bike to work. For sure, there are some aspects of the job I do that I don’t enjoy but the anticipation of the day ahe

Smash it all. Grab it all.

Smash it all. Grab it all. When I was a kid there were four seasons in a year and we played out when the weather was nice and we played board games when we got bored. Personal computers were science fiction and the concept of video phone calling was an April fool’s joke on the TV show, Tomorrows World. The news at ten was dark but other news at the end of the show was often something light. Back then you could laugh at any jokes that you thought were funny though and cultural diversity was pretty much black and white. We learned to tell the time on analogue clocks and watches and the terms we coined from that became part of our dialect. Progress was measured by collective achievement and bre

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