Modern Mindfulness: The power of, hello.

It seems the watch-word of the day is mindfulness, and I for one, think that we should all take the opportunity to embrace the concept. Not as a new fashionable fad to remedy the stresses and strains of life, but as a matter of course. A courtesy if you will, to those around us and to the universe that put us here.

There are things in our lives that we cannot choose, like that we are born, or who we are born to, or where. But for everything else we have a conscious decision to make. We’re born, we live, we die, but we fill the gaps in between with choices, and those choices are like the solutions that we make for the minor and major problems we encounter every day.

We know through history and experiences that it’s not just the decisions that we make for ourselves that impact on our own lives, the decisions of others also have consequences. From birth we have the instinct to survive which develops into a sense of right and wrong but it’s the sense that we need to embrace instead of protecting the instinct at all and any cost.

Mindfulness of ourselves and others should be the watch-word of every day. Thoughtfulness does not mean paranoia, and want does not mean need. If we helped each other instead of just looking out for ourselves the world would be an immediately better place.

Imagining a world with no war, no famine, no drought, or floods, where everyone fought diseases together and all were equal and had a fair share of everything in a utopian society would be quite difficult to be fair. Living in caves is probably not the look for 2017. But imagine if you said hello or good morning to everyone you encountered on a daily basis and they replied in kind, and meant it! How wonderful would that be?

That, to me, is the concept of modern mindfulness. You can visualise and use the power of thought to positively impact your lives as individuals all you want, but please, thank you, and the power of hello means so much more.

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