Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun

Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun

I sometimes wonder what percentage of people truly enjoy their work and why? And of those that love going to work, what is it about the workplace that gives you that, ‘Yes!’ feeling? Do the people you work with make the place what it is, or is it the work itself? Maybe you’re just happy to get out of the house?

From my perspective, I like going to work. I get up in the morning, have something to eat, play with the kid, do the odd chore left over from the night before, then I’m happy. Because it’s then that I’m literally out the door and on my bike to work.

For sure, there are some aspects of the job I do that I don’t enjoy but the anticipation of the day ahead of me is enough to keep me loving being there and therefore also liking and enjoying going to work to do it.

As I read back over what I’ve written so far I notice some slight negatives in my impression that manifest in occasional ‘likes’ instead of constant ‘loves’. Should I be worried? Does it bare further investigation?

I’m a person who believes that having fun in the workplace is more important than taking joy from the actual work. Experiences have taught me this. What I mean is that I think a person is more likely to stay in a bad job with a great atmosphere longer than at a good job with a bad atmosphere. They’d likely leave both jobs eventually for sure, but they’d probably stick it out longer at the former.

So holding this belief, as I do, why then is my job only good and not great? I love the actual job but is there something wrong with the atmosphere? I think there might actually be something in this. I am after all the newest member of the team and so I haven’t managed to build an equal rapport with everyone else in the team, but more importantly, have they all had time to fully accept me?

The only common factor in people is that we are all people, and people are all different. How we gauge these differences though decides if we like someone, or if we don’t, and if we don’t it can become a barrier to the collective in a team setting.

Teamwork is exactly what it says on the tin. ‘Working together as a team to get a job done effectively’. It doesn’t mean being best buddies with everyone in the room, though I’m sure that would help, to me it means finding a way to accept the people chosen to be in that room because acceptance can lead to understanding, which can lead to amazing things.

I seldom jump to conclusions, as you can see I like to go around the houses a bit first, but I will now say this. I think effective teamwork can turn good into great and make a job you like into the job you love.

Teamwork is the key, and feeling part of things opens up the door.

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