In 2017 football is king. It's by far the biggest sport on the planet, and possibly the universe... as we know it.

Being a football ace is the dream of most school children around the world but now things are changing slightly. Even if you can't make it to the highest level these days having some insane skills to showcase can get you noticed, and paid.

The internet is full of clips of whizzkids displaying mind blowing technical wizardry, or "tekkers" as it's known, and some of the things the best exponents can do with a football are truly extraordinary.

Segways into the beautiful game now include breaking it down to individual parts like dribbling to beat an opponent, ball juggling, or shooting with accuracy and excelling in all these to entertain and wow.

The latest amazing football related offering to literally hit the table is the phenomenon known as "Headis". A combination of football and, another great global sport, Tennis, which is played on a modified ping pong table and specialist football where you score points and win games using only your head!

This new game really has to be seen to be believed, with some exponents already reaching stratospheric levels of skill.

Search youtube for Headis, check it out and maybe give it a go. It might just be the next golden ticket to the football related big leagues.


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