Get Involved, Get Active

Get Involved, Get Active

The feelgood factor of physical fitness is globally renowned. But as time becomes more and more accutely of the essence, finding the opportunity to fit getting and keeping fit into our busy working schedules is becoming increasingly hard to find.

Whether it's the morning jog, the odd set of badminton of an evening, or hitting the gym like a maniac at the weekend, putting aside diary time for those activities is becoming secondary to the work itself and the consequences are becoming obvious. As a nation we're becoming out of shape and unhappy in our jobs.

I'm not having a go at people who are overweight, I'm one of them. There are some incredibly fit 'fatties' out there who are shifting the boundaries of what is physically possible, and even some people battling other acute challenges. I'm just saying we could all probably make more time to do more physically.

Even the most busy workdays can be injected with some beneficial and much needed sporting adrenaline we just need to get creative about it.

The journey to work can be a boring, monotonous slog through the perils and pitfalls of public transport, or you could just walk, or invest in a bicycle. There are cycle superhighways springing up all over the place and - once you get over the initial fear of traversing city streets on 2 wheels - the physical and psychological benefits are almost immediate.

Finding the time to exercise at or after work with colleagues can also benefit in more ways than you may think. "A family that plays together, stays together", and so does a working team.

Whether it may be a little HIIT of something at lunchtime or taking turns climbing to the executive toilets on the 4th floor instead of going to the bogs next door, pack your terrible towels in your briefcase and lets do it.

This is a call out to the office army and the desk warriors everywhere. Let's push the envelope and get reconnected with the kinetics. There are too many benefits to pass up. Better health, better team, better work, better life, and it all begins with the step out your front door. I mean, you gotta go to work anyway, why not make it a better day.

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