Compliment yourself!

How often do you tell yourself that you’re doing a great job? Or that you are looking beautiful in your new jacket? Or that you’re an incredible parent, sibling, son or daughter, friend? I know I don’t do it anywhere near the amount I should.

Our bodies and minds are incredible things. They drag us up the stairs after a long day at work; they help our kids with their maths homework. I think we need to start appreciating ourselves more, and learning to accept compliments that come our way!

How do you react when someone says, ‘Wow, I love your hair!’? Blush and look away? Laugh awkwardly? Simply deny what was said? We all do it! Or at least I know I find it hard to accept compliments some times. But I think we need to compliment ourselves more and accept compliments we receive.

Next time someone compliments you, try saying thank you very much and return the compliment! It will make you feel so much better about yourself as the lasting thought will not be you dismissing what was said, but it will leave you feeling great and make someone else feel great too!

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