Take a break, you deserve it!

This year, there has been a massive increase in awareness days where social media is used to educate and inform people about different illnesses, campaigns and national fun! I think this is great! It’s helping to educate people on taboo topics such as sexual assault but also is having fun by making a specific Friday finish work at 4 day! Today marks National Stress Awareness Day. According to the Mental Health Foundation, around 12 million people in the UK visit their GP for mental health problems each year, most of which are related to stress. So it is something that most people can say they have felt at some point in their live to some degree. Stress can leave you feeling tired, anxious, with headaches and feeling restless resulting in sleep deprivation. There have been a number of studies which suggest that regular physical activity can help increase mental wellbeing. It helps to clear thoughts, produce hormones that increases mood, and group activities help you build friendships! Try taking a walk when you feel stressed, or join a local basketball club so each week you’ve got something to look forward to with a group of people all just wanting to relax and have fun! Getting active not only helps with your mood, but can help you sleep better and feel more energetic during the day. Exercise is not the only thing that can be used to help reduce the effects of stress! Read your favourite book, take a lovely bubble bath, mediate, draw or colour, cuddle your pets, call a friend, take a walk in the park – anything that makes you feel happy and enables you to take a break from how you are feeling and what you are doing is important. Sometimes looking after your mental health is overlooked, but if you had a broken foot you would be taking a break from work and it is no different when it comes to your mental health. You are never being silly for feeling down or stressed, so don’t feel embarrassed about it! Just take some time to look after yourself and focus on your wellbeing as you are always important!

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